Adding detailed 2D CAD drawings and 3D CAD models to your web site offers tremendous value to you and your customers. Downloads generate Quality Sales Leads, automatically, globally and 24 x 7. Your sales and market share increase significantly. Marketing and branding efforts are strengthened. At the same time, 2D/3D CAD files creates tremendous customer loyalty, and builds your company image. All with ZERO internal resources required.

One of our clients has realized a ROI of 10 TIMES, in just a few months, from just a single new customer!

LOYALTY: Save time for your customers; Designers and Engineers. Make it easy for them to add your parts to their design and they will remain loyal. SALES: A single CAD file download, can become a huge quantity order. This client realized a 10 TIMES payback, with ONE new customer. LEADS: Generate quality sales leads; from deep inside a diverse range of companies, automatically, globally, 24 x 7.
RELATIONSHIPS: Start the relationship at the very beginning of the design process. A longer relationship is a stronger one and that is a real competitive advantage REACH: CAD files enable you to reach designers and engineers and motivate them to ignore ‘preferred suppliers lists’. CONTROL: All part selection logic resides on your server. You own and control all that web design. Customers stay on your site.
IMAGE: Adding CAD files first, shows your customer base that you are a leader among your competition. Your image strengthens. UNIQUE: Offer a unique and superior level of customer service to differentiate your company from the competition. VALUE: CAD files add tremendous functionality to your site easily, with no hardware, no software, and zero effort.
MOMENTUM: Your parts become ‘designed in’. This makes is difficult for purchasing to later substitute with a competitors part. PERCEPTION: Since ‘Perception is Reality’, detailed 2D/3D CAD files of your products send a QUALITY message to customers. DRAWINGS: A detailed PDF ‘Sales Drawing’ of every single part, created on demand, in seconds. No internal resources required.
REPETITION: Customers come back to your site for CAD files over and over, strengthening your marketing efforts each time. BRANDING: Your company name, logo, and part number, all etched on 3D models and therefore displayed on customer internal drawings. INVENTORY: Did you ever wish you could provide samples to all your customers, instantly, for free? Now you can – virtually.